Starting Up a Business from Scratch

Every great business started with drive and a passion.Sometimes the most difficult part of creating your own business is the single most important thing. The business idea .So we'll leave that creativity up to you.In the meantime here are some things to keep in mind on your road to success.

1. Research your market

Knowing what or who your competition is ,is a start .But you need to go deeper than that .You need to become an expert in your field ,get to know who's who.Google is a perfect place to begin to do your research,this will tell you the size of your market ,the potential ,pricing etc

2. Set some financial goals

Aim to set new goals every four/six months.Always look to improve on your target financials.Work backwards and figure out what you need to do each day to get to where you want to be. Set a goal that is a stretch for you and look at the steps you need to take every day to accomplish that goal.

3. Your Website

It is essential to make the content shareable on your site .When you are creating your own brand and identity you should always have unique content.Share this via social media patforms such as Facebook and Twitter.Your aim is to attract reader,followers and viewers so they can reference your content.

4. Build a list.

Email is still the best form of currency for an online business.And an email list is one of the most important tools in building a business.As you develop your shareable site, begin building a list of emails of the people that visit your site. Then continue to provide them with value. This will translate into buyers for the future launch of your product or service.

Adding in an opt-in form on your website and having a place to store your emails are the first two steps to building your email list. Free resources like and allow you to collect email information on your website. To store email addresses, I recommend the program Aweber, which even offers a free 30-day trial.

5. Start NOW and improve as you go on .

Many people waste time thinking about making things perfect before they launch their business,the logo, website, some content.Don't waste your time .

Focus on getting sales and attracting leads. There are many successful companies that launch all the time and they aren’t perfect. Busineses evolve over time,adapt and change for the better.

Start today. If not now, when?