How to Write a Job Advert

We have teamed up with ScotJobsNet to help improve rural recruitment. We know that many local businesses struggle to find good candidates for their jobs. As well as creating a special jobs board for this area, ScotJobsNet are passing on their expertise with good practices for advertising jobs.

In this article from ScotJobsNet discover some tried and tested techniques for writing a job advert.

1. Use a Compelling job title

This is the most important part of your job posting when you’re advertising. When you write your title, include the name of the position and the top
one to three things that will make the job attractive to an applicant.

2. Add an emotive introduction

This is a single paragraph that gives three to five details applicants will find most exciting about the job. It is similar to the leader that newspapers use to hook you into reading the full article.

3. Tell your company story

Information about your company that applicants want to know. How many years you’ve been in business, how long employees stay (if this shows that people stick with you), interesting clients or projects, equipment that applicants will be excited about, awards, accolades, and facts that will interest them.

4. Really sell the position

Rather than the typical laundry list of bullet points, only include requirements that are essential to this job. Limit yourself to one to three things. Then provide information on work hours, pay, interesting coworkers, education opportunities, benefits, and anything else applicants will find interesting.

5. Push your location

Moving is an obstacle to anyone considering your job that doesn’t live in your region. If you want to attract people from other places, sell applicants on the location. Give them details about schools, activities, crime rates, things to do, etc. If your location is an easy commute from many key hiring areas then make sure to spell out the actual commute time. A candidate will always be keen on a role that can cut their commute by 30 minutes.

6. Repeat why the Candidate should apply

This section is a quick bullet-pointed recap of the top five to six reasons someone should apply to your job. If you have a long job post this will make sure that your key points are front-of-mind when the candidate is hovering over the apply button.

7. Spell out the application process

Detail everything from when they first apply to when they get hired. Candidates won't be left in the dark about "what happens next". This is especially important if you have a role that is a one interview hire. Candidates that are immediately available will be very keen on roles like this as they can get a job in days vs weeks.

8. Have other people read it

Treat this job post writing exercise just as you would any other important piece of company marketing. Get multiple people to read it and provide you with honest feedback. Make sure you have fixed any errors before you post the job to job sites or newspapers.

9. Improve your responses

Look at all the emails that you send to candidates at each step of the hiring process. Pick them apart and ensure they are clear, personal, and
continue to sell the candidate on the role at every step. A poor first response to a candidate application will undo all the good work you did in the job post getting them to apply.

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